I play Rudyard Funn in Wooden Overcoats, a sitcom about rival funerary practices in the English Channel which is released as a podcast. As parts go, Rudyard is what we call in the biz: "a delight". At time of writing, we have released two seasons and a mini-series.
"Move over, Radio 4. This ensemble scripted comedy about a pair of doomed undertakers is funnier than anything broadcast on the BBC. Siblings Rudyard and Antigone Funn battle to keep their undertaking business on the small island of Piffling going after a new competitor arrives in town." - Caroline Crampton, The New Statesman - The Best Podcasts of 2016
"Inspired comedy." - John Bungey, The Times
"As good, if not better, than any Radio 4 comedy offering. It’s about rival funeral directors and it’s fab." - Miranda Sawyer, The Guardian
It's been a pleasure and a privilege to work with talented friends in an industry where shop closing hours are lengthy and mysterious - people I knew well already like David K. Barnes, Tom Crowley, Beth Eyre, Pip Gladwin, Sarah Burton, Holly Campbell, Elizabeth Campbell and Eleanor Rushton, and new or newish friends like Andy Goddard and John Wakefield, Ciara Baxendale, Eoin Hanlon, Lars Thornhill, Alison Skilbeck, Andy Secombe ... and loads of others I'm missing. 
And Andy Hamilton made me a cup of tea.
You can find the show wherever podcasts make their nests or listen to the whole thing (free though! free!) on www.woodenovercoats.com
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